Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Like a phoenix from the ashes...

Yikes.  How long?  A year and a half?  I haven't really forgotten about this blog but it just seems like so much has gotten in the way.  I think I originally used this blog as a place to redirect my energy away from my dissertation.  The summer when I started this blog I did very little academic work.  After that summer I came back to my dissertation, wrote all year long and into the next summer and then defended the dissertation in August of 2011.  So yeah, now it's Dr. Elitist Taco.  We'll see if any of the recipes retain any kind of academic flare...
Throughout this time, I probably used the blog at least once a month, in particular for the enchilada sauce recipe.  I'm still interested in coming up with a better one, but it's one we like and it's one I will keep coming back to for a while.  So it was never really out of my mind.
But there are some big changes ahead.  This summer we'll be moving to Dallas where I'll start a job as a university professor at the University of Dallas.  I'm excited.  I love Bloomington, but access to Mexican groceries, warmer weather, and a real job sound great.  I don't know what it will be like to live in Texas but I'm bringing two pretty important people with me so I'm sure it'll be great.
That second person, after my lovely wife, is our newborn son Diego who turned 8 days today.  It's been an indescribable week of joy, exhaustion, and awe.  I'm happy to have the new motivation to work a little harder and be a bit more organized.  Looking to the weeks, months, and years ahead I feel nothing but enthusiasm.  Welcome little D!

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